With decades of industry experience, our team is the hub of our business and developing custom sensing solutions for your most challenging projects is all they do.


Ryan Posey


Ryan Posey currently serves as CEO at HSI Sensing, formerly Hermetic Switch, Inc. Founded in 1968 by Posey’s grandfather, William Posey, HSI Sensing is a multimillion-dollar manufacturing company that designs, develops and manufactures reed switches, proximity sensors and other sensing technologies for clients around the world. It serves industries ranging from aerospace, agricultural, oil and...

Travis Posey

VP of Business Development

Travis Posey currently serves as Vice President of Business Development. Travis began his career at HSI in the finance and accounting side of the business. Travis now oversees business development and marketing for Genisco Filter and HSI Sensing. Born and raised in Chickasha, Travis is a graduate of Chickasha High School. Following high school, he...

Department Leads

Kimberly Loggins

Quality Manager

Kimberly understands reed switch technology, and she's an expert at helping HSI push reed switches to their limits of performance every day. She ought to be -- she's been doing it for almost three decades. She is a Salvation Army Advisory board member and a city council member. Her hobbies include running and watching high...

Zack McGill

Engineering Manager

Zack McGill has experience in multiple roles over his five year tenure with HSI Sensing and is currently serving as Engineering Manager. Zack holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Oklahoma and has served as a professional in the Energy Services, Refining, Manufacturing, and Construction industries. He believes one of his...

Blake Mcarter

Design Engineer

Blake is a Design Engineer at HSI Sensing. He has been involved in a variety of projects that include the oil and gas industry and the aerospace industry. Blake holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Oklahoma State University. When he is not creating solutions for customers, he continues to explore other ways...

Eddie Shearer

Product Development Engineer

Eddie has been an engineer at HSI, and he has been with the company since 2000. Eddie received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University. He formed HSI’s product development department in 2003 and has been working in it since then. His hobbies include mentoring a high school robotics team and helping...

Mark Mandrell

Senior Design Engineer

I have always had a great appreciation of electronics and the specialized materials used in semiconductors but when I found out about the amazing world of reed switches and the interaction of magnetism I was overtaken with the desire to learn as much as possible. What I have found even more gratifying is assisting others...

Tim Topel

Senior Design Engineer

Reed switches have been in Tim’s family for three generations. With almost three decades of experience, he is in charge of the development lab in HSI’s Madison, Wisconsin, location. Tim has worked on projects ranging on light-up kids shoes to fully automated assembly machines. Tim and his wife have four girls and two grandchildren. Tim...