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Reed Switch Testing

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Reed Switch Operation Over Temperature Range Reed Switches

The typical operating range for HSI Sensing Reed switches is -40oC to 125oC. Reed switches are quite capable of operating above and below this temperature range due to the nature and design of the device.

Proximity Sensors Visual Gallery Proximity Sensors

Actual size image gallery of our full line of standard proximity sensors.

Fluid Processing Reed Switches

HSI’s quality line of high-power, high-voltage reed switches world’s highest-power Form C reed switch for the unique demands of fluid processing applications.

Custom Engineering Services Proximity Sensors, Reed Switches

Guide to our rapid solutions and custom engineering process and capabilities.

Capabilities – Traditional Chinese Magnets & Actuators, Proximity Sensors, Reed Switches

Capabilities in tradition Chinese

Capabilities – Simplified Chinese Magnets & Actuators, Proximity Sensors, Reed Switches

Capabilities in custom simplified Chinese

Capabilities – Japanese Magnets & Actuators, Proximity Sensors, Reed Switches

Capabilities book in custom Japanese

Proximity Sensor Testing Proximity Sensors

A description of the standard and custom tests conducted to accurately and efficiently measure the voltage breakdown, insulation resistance, and grounding of a proximity sensor.

Proximity Sensor Internal Contact Performance Proximity Sensors

A discussion of the internal plating materials available for proximity sensors, the unique benefits of each, and their affect on proximity sensor performance.

Proximity Sensor Handling Proximity Sensors

A collection of best practices for proximity sensor handling, including printed circuit board mounting, storage, and more.