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Reed Switch Testing

Product Resources

Reed Switch Application Notes Collection Reed Switches

The full library of HSI Sensing Reed Switch Application Notes compiled into one downloadable booklet.

Reed Switch Basics Reed Switches

The definition of a reed switch and how it functions, as well as descriptions of the various types of reed switches available.

Proximity Sensor Application Notes Collection Proximity Sensors

The full library of HSI Sensing Proximity Sensor Application Notes compiled into one downloadable booklet.

Proximity Sensor Basics Proximity Sensors

The definition of a proximity sensor and how in functions, as well as the basic configurations available.

Proximity Sensor Components Proximity Sensors

A discussion of the various component options and assembly-ready services available to custom-configure a proximity sensor.

Magnet & Actuator Application Notes Collection Magnets & Actuators

The full library of HSI Sensing Magnet & Actuator Application Notes compiled into one downloadable booklet.

Magnet & Actuator Basics/Environmental Considerations Magnets & Actuators

Full descriptions of the basic magnet types and suitable applications for each.

Magnet & Actuator Operation Magnets & Actuators

A detailed discussion of magnet-actuated operation in both reed switch and proximity sensor applications, including detailed diagrams.

Magnet & Actuator Handling Magnets & Actuators

Brief but helpful instructions on the proper way to connect and disengage magnetized magnets. Includes photographs for easy reference.

Reed Switch Operation Reed Switches

A thorough discussion of reed switch operation and terminology, as well as magnetic sensitivity, what affects it, and how it is measured.



HSI Sensing’s AS9100 certification places us among an elite group of manufacturers who meet strict international requirements for traceability of raw materials, configuration management of parts and assemblies, and continuous qualification of people, processes, and equipment.
In addition, more than 80% of the sensors we design and manufacture have been custom engineered for our customers’ specific applications. HSI Sensing has a long list of customers in a variety of industries who have been successful because of the products we’ve engineered for them. We’re happy to provide these upon request.

We design in Solid Works®, a standard for our industry, and one that is highly compatible with multiple design packages.

Signing and adhering to legally-binding non-disclosure agreements is something our engineers do every day. We also offer custom part-numbering to ensure that your custom products never find their way onto any public price list or quote.

Obviously development time depends on the complexity of your device and your requirements. Customization of existing sensors–such as changing wire colors or connectors–can take as little as a few hours. Things like custom housings and lab work take longer, but not as long as you might think. We already have personnel, outside labs, prototype fabricators, and component manufacturers on standby to tackle your project at any time.

No matter what your requirements, we’ll estimate the development time and cost early-on, and keep you posted every step of the way. Keep in mind, is we are able to help out from the very beginning of the design process our turnaround time will decrease.

From day one, you’ll be partnered with a fellow engineer at HSI who understands the ins and outs of reed switch technology, who will listen to your requirements, and work with you on the project from beginning to end.

Our engineers collaborate with you to develop new products tailor-made for your application. Using our advanced machining, rapid prototyping, and custom molding techniques–along with testing the products in your application–we can shorten development time and prevent costly mistakes.