A decade in the making. The first new thing to happen to reed switches in 50 years.

All traditional reed switch forms work with an attractive force. Reed blades close in the presence of a magnet or magnetic force. With the true Form B, the blade alignment is such that the reed blades open in the presence of a magnet or magnetic force. The HRS-376 is a great fit across all industries in which battery power savings is critical or a more reliable Form B switching is desired. Additionally, the simplicity of the product makes it inherently more cost effective than other Form B products.

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True Form B Checkboxes
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant
  • Not polarity sensitive
  • Not ESD sensitive
  • No physical contact required to operate
  • No electrical power required to operate
  • Fully traceable
  • Custom housing, surface mount bars and tabs available
  • Rhodium contacts

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