Sentinel, our top of the line high-security sensor, is now available and ready to take on the toughest security challenges.

Sentinel is an advanced, high-security sensor. Utilizing Hall sensors, a smart algorithm, a tamper plate and robust aluminum construction, Sentinel is resistant to physical, electrical and magnetic tampering. Sentinel is a UL 634 Level 2 listed sensor, placing it among an elite group of security sensors capable of monitoring highly sensitive areas, including government facilities, prisons and banks. Sentinel is able to accomplish all of this in a package that is less than half the size of comparable sensors. No matter what you need to monitor, from SCIFs to server rooms, Sentinel is always standing guard.

Sentinel Advantages


  • UL 634 Level 2 Listed
  • Resistant to electrical nuisances like lightning, electrostatic discharge and radio frequencies
  • Keyed tamper plate protects against physical tampering
  • Engineered with solid-state reliability
  • Insensitive to vibration or shock
  • Can detect and send a unique output for improper air gap and misalignment
  • Works on both metal and wood entry points
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • RoHS Compliant

How to Purchase Sentinel

Order Sentinel Today

Sentinel is ready out-of-the-box to deliver reliable entry point monitoring in high-security areas. Each Sentinel sensor comes with the sensor, actuator and mounting hardware. You can order by calling us directly at (405) 224-4046 or by using our Get Started form.

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