Sentinel, our top of the line high-security sensor, is the most advanced technology on the market, and ready to take on the toughest security challenges.

Sentinel line of sensors are the most advanced High Security door contacts listed to UL 634 Level 2. Sentinel Technology reduces issues plaguing the industry for years such as: nuisance alarms from shock and vibration, alignment difficulty, mounting limitations, and susceptibility to defeat.  Sentinel technology utilizes Hall sensors and intelligent algorithms making them resistant to physical, electrical and magnetic tampering.  Sentinel Retrofit sensors are designed as a drop-in replacement to simplify upgrading outdated technology.

Sentinel Advantages


  • Reduces nuisance alarms and false alarms caused by shock and vibrations


  • Makes installation easier by detecting and sending a unique output for improper air gap and misalignment


  • Drop-in replacement to simplify upgrading outdated technology


  • Can be mounted in multiple orientations and positions


  • Resistant to electrical nuisances like lightning, electrostatic discharge and radio frequencies


  • Keyed tamper plate protects against physical tampering


  • Works on both metal and wood entry points

How to Purchase Sentinel

Order Sentinel Today

Sentinel is ready out-of-the-box to deliver reliable entry point monitoring in high-security areas. Each Sentinel sensor comes with the sensor, actuator and mounting hardware. You can order by calling us directly at (405) 224-4046 or by using our Get Started form.

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