Our bi-stable latcher just got more powerful. An enhanced Rhodium plating on the internal contacts of the new HSA-12115 gives it better contact resistance than any latching switch on the market, and makes it more durable and longer-lasting, with a rated life through one million cycles. Engineered specifically for the demands of float sensing, liquid level sensing, and liquid measurement applications in the oil and gas industry.

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High Power Bi-Stable Latcher Checkboxes
  • The only latching reed switch on the market for high-resistance, high-power applications
  • New and enhanced Rhodium plating on the internal contacts for better contact resistance, durability, and long life
  • Consistent, reliable operation rated through a million cycles
  • Hermetically-sealed contacts engineered for extended life in extreme environments
  • Electro-plated tin on external leads for solderability


  • Fluid Controls Processing
  • Liquid Level Signals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Float Sensing

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