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Switch Configuration

Electrical Specifications

Power   0.5 W (max)
Voltage Switching 30 VDC (max)
Breakdown 100 VDC (min)
Current Switching 0.02 Amp (max)
Carry 0.2 Amp (max)
Resistance Initial Contact Resistance 0.75 Ohm (max)
Insulation Resistance 1E11 Ohm (min)
Capacitance Contact 0.2 pF (typical)
Temperature Operating -40 TO + 125 °C
Storage -40 TO + 200 °C

Physical/Operational Specifications

Operate Time Including Bounce 0.2 mSeconds (max)
Release Time   0.1 mSeconds (max)
Must Operate Field Strength 3 mT
Must Release Field Strength 1 mT
Shape   Surface Mount
Glass Length   7.37 mm


  • SPST Normally Closed Contact (Form B)
  • Lowest profile magnetic contact sensor
  • No electrical power required to operate
  • Sensor material are lead free and RoHS compliant
  • Hermetically sealed rhodium contacts
  • Polarity orientation required to operate


  • External Gold plating available
  • Hi-Rel version available
  • Not ESD sensitive
  • Extended operations in extreme environments


  • RoHS

Notes 5

  1. Specifications are not constant across entire magnetic range.
  2. Customer must exercise care in handling and mounting to prevent damage to internal components and subsequent changes to sensor performance.
  3. For information about performance, custom configuration (i.e. wire length or color; connectors; operational variation), or packaging contact our Sales department.
  4. Information contained hereon is for informational purposes only and should not be deemed as accurate for a specific application. Consult factory for specific application information and/or latest revision.