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HSI Sensing introduces Extreme Temperature sensors

HSI Sensing, a reed switch and sensor manufacturing company based in Chickasha, Oklahoma, introduces Extreme Temperature, a technology that increases the high and low operating temperature of their proximity sensors. Products with Extreme Temperature technology can operate between minus 60 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius. Most of HSI’s standard products operate between minus 40 … Continued


HSI Sensing introduces new high-security sensor

HSI Sensing, a Oklahoma-based manufacturer of custom reed switch and sensor technology, recently introduced Sentinel, a high-security, tamper-proof sensor, April 7 at the International Security Conference Expo. Sentinel can be used to monitor highly secure areas like government facilities, weapon sites and banks. “We are very excited to introduce Sentinel,” said Ryan Posey, president of … Continued


Spot On Earns UL 1203 Certification

HSI Sensing recently introduced Spot On, a new line of leverless limit switches imagined from the ground up to sense farther and faster, and last longer than any competitive switch. Now the company announces that all Spot On models come UL 1203 certified — which means they are explosion proof, dust ignition proof, and certified … Continued