Our team has an abundance of reed switch knowledge that sometimes seems hard to contain. But here on our blog our engineers and leadership share their abundance of knowledge to give you an inside look at how we use our work ethic, creativity and passion to push the limits of sensor technology everyday. Whether we are examining how we prototype projects or imagining ways that a reed switch could help us save a little water at home, we live sleep and breath sensor technology and want to share our insights with you.

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Learn More About Magnetic Sensitivity Testing on Reed Switches

Reed switches, invented in the 1930s, have always required a way to accurately and efficiently measure their magnetic sensitivity. That’s why standard test coils were developed. These coils are available in various sizes and can be operated rapidly by computer-controlled test systems. For efficient operation, the coils have either 5,000 or 10,000 turns, and the … Continued


What to Expect from a HSI Sensing Engineering Solution

At HSI Sensing, we know that every new project is full of possibilities and to harness its full potential, you need to call in the professionals. HSI Sensing’s team of highly-skilled engineers will partner with you to develop or enhance a solution to fit your sensing needs. Whether it’s medical sensors, aerospace sensors, security sensors, … Continued


Choosing the Right Aerospace Sensor for Your Needs

As sensor technology become more advanced and innovators discover new ways to implement it into different areas of business and life, sensors will continue to integrate themselves into our everyday activities to help mitigate risks, maximize opportunities and transmit more information about the world around us. However, with the plethora of sensor technology on the … Continued


4 Medical Sensor Trends to Watch

As medical sensors advance in sophistication and companies discover new and innovative ways to implement them, sensors will continue to integrate themselves into our everyday activities. The potential for sensor technology in our society is continually expanding which makes it no surprise that these tiny sensors have thousands of potential applications. As a leader in … Continued


HSI Continues to Meet Aerospace Sensor Demands Head On

HSI Sensing has continued to meet the unique challenges of aerospace engineering for more than 40 years by providing mission-critical solutions for everything from seat belt connections and shock sensing to fluid level monitoring and wing positioning. There are several ways that HSI Sensing sets ourselves apart in the aerospace sensor industry. We Are AS9100 … Continued


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Ryan Posey


Ryan Posey currently serves as CEO at HSI Sensing, formerly Hermetic Switch, Inc. Founded in 1968 by Posey’s grandfather, William Posey, HSI Sensing is a multimillion-dollar manufacturing company that designs, develops and manufactures reed switches, proximity sensors and other sensing technologies for clients around the world. It serves industries ranging from aerospace, agricultural, oil and...