Our team has an abundance of reed switch knowledge that sometimes seems hard to contain. But here on our blog our engineers and leadership share their abundance of knowledge to give you an inside look at how we use our work ethic, creativity and passion to push the limits of sensor technology everyday. Whether we are examining how we prototype projects or imagining ways that a reed switch could help us save a little water at home, we live sleep and breath sensor technology and want to share our insights with you.

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Secure Hazardous Locations with HSI Sensor Products

A significant proportion of industrial equipment will be deployed in hazardous areas, or possibly applications that require a functional safety assessment. Hazardous areas include locations where there is the risk of exposure to flammable or even explosive substances. Some of the most common applications for hazardous duty sensors are in the oil and gas industry. … Continued


Why Your Security System Needs Window and Door Sensors

Door and window sensors are perhaps the most important component of a smart, integrated security system. At its most basic, security systems exist mainly to protect a home or business’s points of entry with windows and doors targeted as where an intruder is likely to enter. Door sensors, also known as entry point sensors, contact … Continued


Your Toy Choo Choo Train Has a Reed Switch

Toy trains are for kids of all ages!  While real trains go back to the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s, toy trains emerged later. Wooden and metal toys resembling trains were first made in Europe in the 1860s. By 1901, Lionel made its first electric train for use in store display … Continued


Laptop Reed Switches Save Battery Power While You Work from Home

As businesses worldwide respond to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), one of the first actions most companies take is to encourage employees to work from home. Employees everywhere are pivoting from their traditional office work stations, to setting up shop at home with their laptops. Whether at home or office, when 5 o’clock rolls around … Continued


Current Trends in High Security for Big Businesses

The global commercial security market is anticipated to reach USD 187 billion by 2023 with indicators that show the alarm industry is enjoying robust growth and interest in both products and services. The current economy has positioned consumers to have more money to spend and as security continues to integrate more naturally into everyday life, … Continued


Your Beverage Tastes Better Because of Level Switches

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is under extreme pressure to deliver quality products to consumers that meet product specifications and pass government inspections. There’s a lot at play. A simple bottle of soda, juice or beer isn’t just filled on a machine, capped and put on the store shelf. In order to ensure consistency, … Continued


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Ryan Posey


Ryan Posey currently serves as CEO at HSI Sensing, formerly Hermetic Switch, Inc. Founded in 1968 by Posey’s grandfather, William Posey, HSI Sensing is a multimillion-dollar manufacturing company that designs, develops and manufactures reed switches, proximity sensors and other sensing technologies for clients around the world. It serves industries ranging from aerospace, agricultural, oil and...