Our team has an abundance of reed switch knowledge that sometimes seems hard to contain. But here on our blog our engineers and leadership share their abundance of knowledge to give you an inside look at how we use our work ethic, creativity and passion to push the limits of sensor technology everyday. Whether we are examining how we prototype projects or imagining ways that a reed switch could help us save a little water at home, we live sleep and breath sensor technology and want to share our insights with you.

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Medical Sensors Advance Smart Knee Implants

Sensors have been a medical mainstay for several decades and are now a key component in a myriad implantable devices, as well as some of the most advanced medical equipment. As technology advances, so does the use of medical sensors. As a leader in sensor technology, HSI Sensing has seen first-hand how it has revolutionized … Continued


Smart Applications Driven by Sensor Technology

Sensors have played a significant role in a variety of industries over the years, but we’ve only realized a small amount of the potential they offer. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to scale and big data plays an even more important role in sectors like healthcare, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, and agriculture, the expectation … Continued


Medical Device Miniaturization Made Possible by Reed Switches

The Internet of Things (IoT), whereby almost everyone and everything will be connected to the Internet, is vastly becoming a reality. The medical community stands to be highly impacted by this, with more patient monitoring devices now connecting to the web and being controlled by smartphones and applications. One innovation that makes this connectivity possible … Continued


Sensor Solutions for Natural Refrigerants

HSI Sensing is proud to provide ideal reed sensor solutions for the transition in refrigeration from hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) to natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons (propane, butane, and cyclopentane), CO2, ammonia, water and air. See the challenges faced when using natural refrigerants: https://www.manufacturingtomorrow.com/article/2017/09/how-to-solve-the-challenges-of-using-natural-refrigerants-in-cooling-system-design/10361 HSI offers true hermetically sealed proximity & limit … Continued


Designing Sensors

I have been designing reed switches and proximity sensors to meet the needs of the multitude of applications that are out there for 40 years. The primary purpose of our sensors is to convert a mechanical motion to an electrical signal. The designs of these sensors can be very simple or really critical and complicated.


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Ryan Posey


Ryan Posey currently serves as CEO at HSI Sensing, formerly Hermetic Switch, Inc. Founded in 1968 by Posey’s grandfather, William Posey, HSI Sensing is a multimillion-dollar manufacturing company that designs, develops and manufactures reed switches, proximity sensors and other sensing technologies for clients around the world. It serves industries ranging from aerospace, agricultural, oil and...