HSI Sensing Releases Powerful Bi-Stable Latcher

HSI Sensing has released the HSA-12115 reed switch, its most powerful bi-stable latcher to date. Engineered specifically for the demands of float sensing, liquid level sensing, and liquid measurement applications in the oil and gas industry, this switch is rated for 120V AC and 350 VDC power and 50 watts.

According to HSI, the secret to making the new bi-stable latcher more powerful is a new and enhanced Rhodium plating on the switch’s internal contacts. The plating gives them better contact resistance and also makes them more durable and longer-lasting, with a rated life through one million cycles.

“Like many of our designs, it was our customers who spurred this innovation,” says HSI Sensing CEO and chief technology ofcer David Posey. “The systems they’re designing today carry more and more resistance due to many factors, including longer wire lengths to traverse huge installations. So they’re having to endure higher voltages, inductance, and capacitance through these circuits.”

“With the HSA-12115 customers can now design latcher switches into higher power equipment with better and brighter indicators,” says Mark Mandrell, HSI senior designer and technical advisor.

Like other HSI sensing products, the HSA-12115 switches are precision-manufactured with hermetically sealed contacts, making them immune from oxidation, dust, particles and extending their operation in extreme environments. These switches are also engineered with electro-plated tin on the external leads for solderability.

About Us

Headquartered in Chickasha, Oklahoma, HSI Sensing (Hermetic Switch, Inc.) is the innovative leader in the engineering and precision manufacturing of custom reed switch and sensor technology. The industry experts in solving problems for customers in challenging design applications, they also precision manufacture those solutions to ensure consistent, unmatched quality.

Since 1968 HSI Sensing, an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 registered company, has been the premier choice for custom and standard reed switches, proximity sensors, and other sensing technologies for an array of industries including fluid control devices, reed relays, implantable medical devices, aerospace, heavy equipment, communications, transportation, and more. Their products are used in a variety of applications including commercial and military jet engines, security systems, commercial lawn mowers, external defibrillators, implantable medical devices, space station equipment, animal tracking, and more.

HSI Sensing is a privately-held company wholly owned by the employees. For more information about HSI Sensing, please call 405.224.4046 or visit www.hsisensing.com.