VP of Business Development

Travis Posey currently serves as Vice President of Business Development. Travis began his career at HSI in the finance and accounting side of the business. Travis now oversees business development and marketing for Genisco Filter and HSI Sensing.

Born and raised in Chickasha, Travis is a graduate of Chickasha High School. Following high school, he earned a bachelor’s in business administration at the Oklahoma State University in 2002. Travis is an Eagle Scout and worked as professional Boy Scout in Fort Worth, TX after college. He played an instrumental part in achieving his councils Quality Council Award, the highest honor awarded to a council.

In Travis’s downtime he likes to play bass guitar with his band, play paintball, spend time with family, and travel with his wife Libby. He and his wife have two children, Ava and William.

Travis currently serves on the board of the USAO Foundation, is an executive board member on the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce and is elected School Board for the Canadian Valley Technology Center.

Posts by Travis


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Medical Device Miniaturization Made Possible by Reed Switches

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