Product Development Engineer

Eddie has been an engineer at HSI, and he has been with the company since 2000. Eddie received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University. He formed HSI’s product development department in 2003 and has been working in it since then. His hobbies include mentoring a high school robotics team and helping out in various roles at his church. He and his wife, Teri, have three children and one grandson.

Posts by Eddie


Danger Danger: Designing for Hazardous Locations

A few weeks ago, I found out that I would be responsible for designing a new line of sensors that were to be certified for hazardous locations according to UL 1203. Fortunately, one of my coworkers had done this recently on a different product, so he knew how to point me in the right direction.


Out of sight, out of mind

There are certain things or places around us that we often do not think about until we need them. Sensors can easily add safety and convenience to these places.


Wisdom from the Design Journey, Part Two

In Part One I discussed a few of the issues I have experienced on new design projects. In this edition I want to cover some things that are more common in retrofit applications. We did a project recently in which we were replacing a mechanical switch with a reed-based sensor. Although the reed switch has … Continued


Wisdom from the Design Journey

In my years of work with product design at HSI Sensing I have been involved with many projects that went very smoothly and also several that did not. Is there a key characteristic that largely determines on which side of that fence a new project will land? I believe that there is.  In the broadest … Continued