Design Engineer

David has been working with reed switches since 1986. In his early years he was responsible for building, testing, programming and repairing electrical test equipment working out of the electronics lab. In 1990 David was transferred to the reed switch engineering department. In this role he helped develop new processes, and was responsible for overseeing and managing all facets of sputtering, vacuum equipment and processes. David holds an associate degree in electrical engineering from Herzing University. When not at work, David enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife and 3 sons.

Posts by David


Sputtering and HSI Sensing

Sputtering, or PVD, is the process whereby atoms are ejected from a source material that is to be deposited on a substrate. This process is done under a vacuum using an ultra-pure inert gas so impurities are nearly nonexistent.


When to pull the trigger

For many children, a hunter safety course is the first opportunity they have to handle a firearm. A proximity sensor could help ensure that students are learning to handle them safely.