Design Engineer

Blake is a Design Engineer at HSI Sensing. He has been involved in a variety of projects that include the oil and gas industry and the aerospace industry. Blake holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Oklahoma State University. When he is not creating solutions for customers, he continues to explore other ways he can be involved in the community, including volunteering as a mentor for the Chickasha FIRST Robotics team and playing softball.

Posts by Blake


Product Certifications and How They Impact Your Project

The certification process was something that was completely new to me coming out of college. I had seen the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark before but never really understood what it meant until we went after the hazardous locations certification for the Spot On sensors. There are a number of different certifications that a product can … Continued



Recently, I was able to sit down with design engineer Eddie Shearer and discuss prototyping with him. As an engineer who is still new to the profession, it was a great opportunity for me to dive into a very interesting topic with an experienced engineer and learn more about this project phase. Below are some … Continued


Simply Secure – Inexpensive Home Security Ideas

One of the best ways to describe how a reed switch works is to use a door sensor example. We all know about home security systems and that they detect when doors are opened or closed but not many people know how they go about doing that. One perception that I have when thinking about … Continued