Our team has an abundance of reed switch knowledge that sometimes seems hard to contain. But here on our blog our engineers and leadership share their abundance of knowledge to give you an inside look at how we use our work ethic, creativity and passion to push the limits of sensor technology everyday. Whether we are examining how we prototype projects or imagining ways that a reed switch could help us save a little water at home, we live sleep and breath sensor technology and want to share our insights with you.

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Welding Tubes with the Mag-Probe

A customer came to us with a problem stemming from welding together a network of tubes in order to create a system for the delivery of gasses. When welding the tubes, the welder would plug the end, grind the end of the tube to be flat and then weld two sections together. This created two surfaces that could be mated flush.


How Does Temperature Affect Magnetism?

Magnets are used in daily life. They’re used in manufacturing, automobiles, security systems and electronics devices. Even the earth itself is a magnet. How does temperature affect the magnetism of magnets?


How Can I Increase Value?

We commonly have potential customers send us spec sheets for products asking, “Can you make this, and can I get a quote?” Our immediate response is typically, “Yes, and yes. What I really want to know is why. Why did the potential customer just ask that question?


Sputtering and HSI Sensing

Sputtering, or PVD, is the process whereby atoms are ejected from a source material that is to be deposited on a substrate. This process is done under a vacuum using an ultra-pure inert gas so impurities are nearly nonexistent.


Caterpillar Application Concept

Caterpillar is best known for their big yellow machines that reshape the earth. The machines that bend and break to the human will, recreating their form to match the designer’s imagination. They are known for taking on the toughest jobs, working in the harshest of elements and often living outside in all types of weather 24/7.


Creating the Form-B Reed Switch

The two most commonly used reed switches are Form-A and Form-C devices. There are however, numerous applications that require the use of a Normally-Closed SPST (Single-Pole Single-Throw) device. Three methods exist to create this type of device from a reed switch.


Behind HSI

Ryan Posey


Ryan Posey currently serves as CEO at HSI Sensing, formerly Hermetic Switch, Inc. Founded in 1968 by Posey’s grandfather, William Posey, HSI Sensing is a multimillion-dollar manufacturing company that designs, develops and manufactures reed switches, proximity sensors and other sensing technologies for clients around the world. It serves industries ranging from aerospace, agricultural, oil and...